• Mike Purdy

Filming business support company Restore plc's half year results presentation this summer. Really nice people to work with.

  • Mike Purdy

In mid May the 'Silver Wind' cruise ship, part of the Silversea fleet, majestically passed under Tower Bridge on a brilliant sunny day with nearly 300 people on board.

Its fascinating spending a few days on a vessel like this, witnessing what it takes to keep such a complex ecosystem going. On the bridge the officers are so calm, professionally managing and manoeuvring the ship, planning and executing what needs to be done.. Likewise, the hospitality staff, cooks, bar staff, the seamen, the guys in the engine room, all seamlessly peddling away, over months and years, cruising the globe, happy at last to go off shift and spend a few hours in London before the ship heads off again..

The Silver Wind sailed from the States, via Ireland, the crew being from the Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, Italy, Romania and more, and the guests on this leg were primarily from America. It seems an ideal life for those operating the ship, especially seen on a rare sunny day anchored on the Thames in London.

The big sea can obviously be rough on transatlantic voyages, throwing up all sorts of challenges they say. It can be a tough life for those working on board too. Filming safety protocols over the tannoy from the bridge as we did, such as the drill for 'man overboard' made me wonder how anyone can actually fall off a huge, stable ship like this into the sea. You'd actually have to make up your mind to do it. A quick search online shows that sadly, every year quite a consistent number of people do make that decision.

Again, hard to imagine on a sunny day onboard this beautiful vessel.

  • Mike Purdy

The RAF Chinook helicopter training facility was opened yesterday in Odiham, Hampshire.

The simulators, installed by Lockheed Martin, give aircrews an incredibly realistic experience of flying the real thing. The added 'techie' genius allows for flight formation training, achieved by connecting the simulators to a central bank of computers that generate an augmented reality world that they all fly in. The helicopters all see each other in flight, are able to engage the same virtual targets ... wow!

Every school-boy's dream. (and cameraman's....!)