Our BBC news-gathering experience has taught us to be focused and efficient while onsite with clients.  It's all about trying to capture the story that a business has to tell in the most effective and compelling way.

RPC - An Introduction to the business
International SOS profile of an international rescue organisation
Old Mutual:  Showcasing the business in Africa
Segro:  Portfolio in Paris and the surrounding region

The 'sit-down' Interview with top management can either be for an audience outside the business, or for internal staff updates.  Keeping the format simple, as a 'one-on-one' interview, is very often as powerful and engaging as anything else.  But there are also all sorts of combinations and styles involving multiple cameras if preferred.

Cambridge Judge Business School
Non-Standard Finance - an introduction from the Group CEO
Academy of Chief Executives - series of CEO interviews
Segro Results interview
BwinParty:  Business vertical profile
Conferences - live events

Conferences, company presentations, large exhibitions with celebrities and politicians – all live events under the sun! A way, for example, to extract a valuable  overview from an event such as this is to film the day, and then interview the main protagonists. A concise summary is then created extracting the salient features of the event in just a few minutes.

Energy conference - Quentin Willson meets Alex Salmond
LSE: Intenet Neutrality debate
ITM Power:  Could the Isle of Wight become an 'EcoIsland'?

(examples include work done in association with Wildflower VC., Tamarind Communications and