• Mike Purdy

10th birthday in 2020

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Birthday's should be exact, but this one falls around about now. started just over ten years ago, in 2009 and was incorporated sometime after that. It is amazing how quickly that period has whizzed by, and I can only thank so many really wonderful people who have used me/us to make their videos, use us for camerawork or editing or for media training sessions.

I find keeping a website 'current' with up to date examples of the work quite difficult, primarily because so much of what we do is not meant for public consumption, belonging to the person who has called us in to help them. There have been all sorts of destinations visited and exciting things filmed and great editing jobs that I would love to splash on our homepage, but can't.

There have also been new relationships forged, and for those I am also eternally grateful.

Onward and upwards..!


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