• Mike Purdy

Media Coaching

Contrary to my expectations, a very consistent stream of work for me over the years has been to facilitate the technical side of media and presentation coaching.

One might have thought that in the current age of smartphones and selfies, clients would be so used to being filmed that it would be unnecessary to shoot mock-up interviews during training sessions.

However the opposite seems true, because these days there are cameras everywhere, from a formal interview to a surprise 'doorstep' with a smartphone. The individuals targeted need to know how to cope with all of these situations to avoid mis-representing themselves or their organisations, or worse, falling fowl of someone intent on making mischief on social media.

Most training sessions involve filming with one camera and a playback monitor to review the footage. I work with lots of brilliant ex-network and financial journalists who prepare material to suite the specific requirements of each session. Sometimes it's very general media awareness including experience in front of the camera. Other sessions involve forensic attention to detail ahead of for example, a broadcast interview with Bloomberg or the BBC.

Another type of training has been to help organisations cope with crisis situations. Pre-prepared 'scenarios' are created with mock-interviews and video clips. These are play in to the participants, and their responses are filmed and then again played back for analysis.

The idea of 'media training' can sometimes elicit a big 'yawn' from some people. But knowing how to navigate this changing world shouldn't be underestimated.


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